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Regular Wiki Stuff

The RL-Library website is built using software called MediaWiki. This is the same basic, open-source software that runs the main Wikipedia that we all know and love. Every registered user can edit any page (anonymous editing has been disabled because there was spam on this site within 12 hours of launching it). Together, we can fix mistakes we see and add content that we think is valuable.

If you are completely unfamiliar with how to use a wiki, please check out formatting help on the MediaWiki website.

Fancy Stuff (Templates)

The RL-Library is not a totally static sort of web site. There are links to downloads for various software projects and instructions for installing them. Much of the content for the instructions and such is nearly identical between projects. Instead of copying and pasting the content a bunch of times and then having to update it everywhere when it changes, we use MediaWiki templates to transcode (slurp) templated instructions directly into the web pages that you see. It works great, but it's a bit complicated.

We will include some information here that explains what templates are available and what parameters they take so that you can easily make your own dynamic pages if you like!

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